Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That's one smart car!

To my husbands general horror and dismay, when asked if I could have any car what would I pick, I respond with, "a smart car".
I understand that I'm supposed to respond to questions like these with the coolest, fastest, whateverest out there, but these little cars are so cute that they really are what I would pick.

Owning one would mean I'd have more space in the garage, parking in a crowded lot would be a breeze, I'd save on gas, and one more plus... no back seats:


Roxana said...

I am with you on all the benefits; I like smaller cars too... But then on the other hand, they are terrible safety-wise. Even if you do everything perfectly, all it takes is one person screwing up and that car will offer no protection whatsoever.

The Adventuresome Pearl said...

I've had similar concerns so I looked the safety ratings up today.

The new Smart Fortwo has been awarded 4 out of 5 stars in the Euro NCAP and in American tests using a five star rating, Smart cars received a four star safety rating for the driver from a front impact, and a five star safety rating for the driver for a side impact.It also received "Good" ratings (top rating) for front and side crash protection in Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) tests.

There was one test in an April 2009 40 mph frontal offset crash test between a Fortwo and a Mercedes C class, the IIHS rated the Smart Fortwo "Poor," noting that "Multiple injuries, including to the head, would be likely for a real-world driver of a Smart in a similar collision."

However, this test was replicated by the Euro NCAP against a S-Class with just the opposite results.

I'm not saying these little cars are indestructible, but the safety ratings are pretty good, and regardless of what you are driving, whenever you get in a car you are taking a risk.

If I were driving one of these, I would try and approach my time on the road with a similar mindset that people use when riding a motorcycle. I'd know I'm not invincible and try to look out for other drivers because they won't always be looking out for me.