Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I've never been very big into wearing make-up but I have my favorites, shampoo, concealer, etc, that I use everyday.

For the most part, I try to make healthy choices and choose products that are labeled as natural or organic so I was shocked when I checked out safecosmetics.org after watching The Story of Cosmetics and found that a lot of these so-called natural products are still pretty toxic!

YUCK! I don't want toxins on my skin!

The cosmetic industry needs to take an active interest in the people that are buying their products, and now is the time to demand that Congress force cosmetic companies to get the neurotoxins and carcinogens our of our personal care products.

Watch The Story of Cosmetics sign the petition by visiting the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website, and be sure to share this information with your friends by posting the video on your Facebook or Twitter account, forwarding information to friends, or writing about it on YOUR blog. :-)

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