Monday, August 2, 2010

"1945-1998" by Isao Hashimoto

I found this today and thought "WOW..." I had no idea so many nuclear explosions had been conducted since that first bomb in 1945. (The number was up to 2,053 by 1998, I'm curious to find out what the count is up to now...)

Isaso Hashimoto created this piece of work to be a bird's eye view of the history of nuclear explosions by scaling down a months lengh of time into one second.

No text was used so that viewers could understand the message with out a language barrier.

The blinking lights, sound, and numbers on the world map show when, where and how many experiements each country has conducted.

Isaso Hashimoto stated, "I created this work for the means of an interface to the people who are yet to know the extremely grave but present problem of the world."

His work is pretty informative and a good history lesson.

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