Monday, August 9, 2010

Snaggle Face

I tend to make fun of my pup as she has a pretty snaggly smile, however I had a bit of a fall on Sunday and shattered my left front tooth... eek
Currently my dog and I are sharing the same toothy smile.
I'm pleased to say that I'll be on on my way to the dentist in a just a few hours to get it fixed...
Just the same, I thought I would do an ode to the snaggled ones since I am soon to be removed from this exclusive club :-p

Katie Holmes had a snaggle face for a while.

No pearly whites for Flavor Flav

Jewel looks beautiful even with a slightly crooked smile.

Not sure that I should comment on Mike Tyson...

me... cheese

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Kristin said...

I'm glad you're ok after your tumble! Have fun at the dentist!