Monday, October 4, 2010

Spring-ish Saturday

It's fall in Houston which means we get to enjoy the spring like weather that most people get in April. 
This weekend was beautiful and a great time to be outside with blue skies and  temperatures in the 70s...yay!. 

Saturday my hubby and I headed over to our town's little downtown destination Market Street.

Market Street was having its 11th annual Fall Fine Arts Festival.
They had Jazz in the park while dozens of professional and amateur artists displayed  their artwork along the sidewalk. 

Key-lime martinis and triple chocolate cake from Tommy Bahamas helped top off the day and make for a very entertaining Saturday afternoon :-)



Kelsey said...

i want in on that cake action!!! WOW! and such a pretty little lady eating her decadent dessert <3

The Adventuresome Pearl said...

Thanks for the compliment:-)
The cake was really tasty!

Kem said...

These are such beautiful photos! I miss Tommy Bahama and the Woodlands lol. This post is so happy :)

The Adventuresome Pearl said...

I miss having Kem to eat at Tommy Bahama with me,lol