Saturday, November 27, 2010

fa-la-la-la-LA la-la la LA

I had a wonderful time seeing lots of family and friends over Thanksgiving.
I think I'll be at the gym for weeks trying to burn off all the extra calories I've been consuming, but the good food was totally worth it.

Now that Thanksgiving is over,  I've started giving some thought as to what holiday cards my husband and I should send out to our family this year.

Last year we did an e-card,  BUT this year I'm thinking we may go a more traditional route and send out 100% percent real paper cards as not everyone in our family is very computer savvy.

Here is a peak of last years holiday greeting:

I'm hoping this years card will be just as cool... but its going to be sort of hard for us to fit all of that neat music and animation into our snail mail cards.

Well see what the husband and I come up with....

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