Sunday, December 5, 2010


I’ve been home sick all weekend L

Being sick stinks, but on a positive note all the time spent at home has given me an occasion to relax and plan the actives my husband and I will be participating in on our New Years cruise!

(Only 20 days left till our trip!!!)

Other than 7 fun filled days at sea some of the activities we have booked are:

 A Tour of Rose Hall Great House

         My husband and I have been to Jamaica quite a few times, but we were puzzled as to what we should book for our time in Montego Bay.
When we found this tour we had no trouble making a decisions and it came highly recommended by my parents who took the tour back in June.
You see, the thing about Rose Hall Great House is on top of being a historical house it’s also haunted by the ghost of Annie, a “White Witch” who is said to have murdered several of her husband’s while they slept and then eventually she meet her demise in a similar fate.
Creepy? Yes, but we love ghost stories and this should be a unique way to spend our time in Montego Bay.

  A Certified Shore Dive in Grand Cayman

        We’ve never been to Grand Cayman before, but have heard lots of great stories about the areas dive sites.
With this certified dive we have the opportunity to explore the beautiful Casuarina Point Reef right from shore.
Since we are both fairly new to Scuba diving this seemed like a great dive to refresh our memory while still allowing lots of time to investigate the reef.

    The Mayan Ruins of Tulum

         Tulum is an ancient Mayan kingdom right next to the Caribbean Sea.
Currently, this is one of the actives that I am most excited for.
Mexico is so close yet I’ve never taken a trip there. I’ve wanted to see Mayan ruins since I was very little so it’s pretty exciting to finally have a chance to see them.

On top of all of this I’m sure there will be lots of swimming, eating of cuisine, dancing, and dressing up for New Years but for now I’m just pleased that we have everything booked and that all we have to do now is count down the days till our trip.

A couple of sick days put to good use if I do say so myself J

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