Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tea Time

Mmmm, I love tea!
My current favorite is White Ayurvedic Chai mixed with Samurai Chai Mate (a Teavana blend).
My husband and I both have a bit of a soar throat from the changing seasons and have been drinking this tea mixed with a little bit of local honey… very tasty and soothing!

When out at a restaurant I’ll grab a plain old cup of green tea and then on those days when I’m too busy to pull out the looseleaf tea a bag of PG tips tea steeping in a tea tumbler in the car is always satisfying.
I can always find an occasion for tea time.  
The standard way to steep a cup of tea would be to go either the loose leaf or the tea bag route, however some creative folks have added their own twist to the steeping method...

Who knew steeping tea could be so much fun!
Inspiration on a string.

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