Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beware of The Fog!

After an almost two day delay on the return home from my cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy thanks to good old mother-nature and a thick blanket of fog I’m well rested and happy to say I’ll have lots of photos to post from our trip soon!

According to many family and friends who happened to be shore side during the time my husband and I were “stranded” on a floating buffet, the media was going wild with accusations of unpleasant conditions upon the ship and many unhappy customers waiting at the cruise terminal for the arrival of our vessel.

Although I can certainly see why those that were waiting to get on the ship were distressed by the fact that on top of not being able to embark on time if they had driven in from out of town they had to make other arrangements for sleeping and eating, etc, I feel that we had it pretty easy on our end.

As soon as our ship's staff realized the port authority was going to make us wait to enter the terminal they went into action pulling out all sorts of snacks and sweets to fill the buffet lines and started running through every sea day activity they could think of. Camp Carnival was reopened for the kiddos, and when we found out we would be staying the night, the dining rooms were opened and evening entertainment was planned with the cruise director getting into the act with some amazing fiddle playing!

They went on, business as usual, trying their best to keep us updated and make sure we were all well taken care of.

Still, many passengers onboard were upset with the staff on the ship, holding carnival and those working upon the Ecstasy responsible for our delays.

True, delays can be unpleasant, but shit happens...

I had to wonder what some of the passengers had to be thinking when we would hear them acting bad-mannered toward the staff that was working around the clock, trying its best to take care of us.

We had two amazing waitresses from Romania, Aurora and Nicolett who were always there with a smile on their face even though they were miles away from their families, whom they hadn’t seen in months, and working tirelessly.  

When we entered the dining room the night of The Fog, we heard some passengers complaining to Aurora that they wouldn’t eat “days old food”. She assured them that the ship always had weeks of food onboard just in case of an emergency and that everything would be prepared fresh.

After helping them she approached our table with a cocked smile and said, “Hello friends! Would you like some days old bread?”

It’s this humor even in the most stressful of situations that made them some of the best waitressed we’ve ever had… on a ship or anywhere else.

I saw the persons that had snapped at our waitresses sitting in the lobby later that night looking out the window at the fog forlornly as the ship pulled back out to sea to circle until the port re-opened.

Others walked by to enjoy their extra cruise day and the newly planned activities, but the couple remained sitting there with their carry-ons beside them.

As my husband and I got up from our spot to head on to our next activity I heard someone explain to them that there was much to do on board right now and if they wanted they could gamble, go to a show, or even head to their rooms and relax. The man replied, “No thanks, I’m going to sit right here… when that ship gets into port I want to be the first one off.”

I hope they didn’t stay sitting there, as that didn’t look like any fun at all… but if they did, they missed a great night.

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