Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I ate some Turkey and got Greece on my shirt...

I'm baaack after a few weeks in Europe and lots of other exciting events around town.

I've been trying pretty hard for a few weeks now to get my photos to upload and have had some trouble with my photo viewer/not really been at home since my return (lots of fun stuff going on!).

Since my return I've had my 20TH something birthday, a couple of art festivals/trips to the museum, and a chance to check out a performance of CATS.

Same person???

There were also a couple of sick days in between all of this...I guess from all of the air travel. 

Things are slowing down a bit now, and I'm fully recuperated from my airplane bug so I have full confidence that my photo uploader problem will be fixed A.S.A.P...
Until then, please sit tight and I'll have both the fog photos from my last trip and the new photos from my recent trip to Italy, Turkey and Greece soon!

For those of you in Houston, David Sedaris is in town tonight! 
Don't miss his performance at Jones Hall.