Sunday, August 14, 2011

Progress and Procrastination

Wow... so it's been ummmteen weeks since my last post.
In my defense I've had a lot of important stuff going on like a new job... an obsession with a new gym membership (I love you VillaSport!!!) and taking naps.

To all of my friends and family still awaiting photos from my trip to Rome, you're in luck because I have them now!!!
... well sort of. For some reason my photo collection is stopping in Greece. I need to check and see if my friend/travel buddy that was with me on the trip has the rest  (we did a big file swap after the trip), but she is on another adventure and out to sea at the moment, so I'll have to wait until she gets back to gather the rest of the pics.

I took a ton of photos on this trip... brace yourself,  if I ever get the photos recovered you'll see!

The thing is, as I had a late night out with friends last night, and just started training to run my first ever marathon yesterday, I'm feeling a little lazy today. So, I'm going to do this picture book style. Look at the photos and insert your own story.  Maybe we ran into a dinosaur on the Isle of Capri or maybe we found out that one of the staircases on the ship was actually a portal to another dimension! It's up to you to guess.. OR, if you have any questions about a photo you can always e-mail me and I can give you an accurate description. BUT where's the fun in that?!

Rome and The Vatican City



Unfortunately for now, this is where my trip photos end, I still have some amazing photos I need to upload from the rest of Greece, Turkey, and Italy. Alas, they'll just have to wait until I find a way to get them.

Just in case for some reason I never find them (fingers crossed this doesn't happen), here are a few YouTube videos with a good view of some of the things we saw that I am missing the photos of:

Ephesus, Turkey
(Side note for this video, when I went it was rainy and super chilly outside... the size crowd still seems about right, lol)

The Capuchins, Rome

I have a few videos of my own too!

Rhodes, Greece

Isle Of Capri, Italy

Can you tell I really enjoyed the funiculars? :-)

Rome, Italy

For now, that's it... in the meantime I'll be planning my next trip.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

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