Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So I guess I'll add "awesome" to my list of profanities...

I love playing with the interwebs, but man... uploading stuff can take a really LONG time...

I guess I could have shortened the following videos of our  5,500ft escapade but I'm not really sure that 10 seconds of video would have really shown the true experience of our flight.

A little back story before I begin, when I say we were on a 5,500 foot adventure I don't mean under the sea. I'm talking above ground... atmospheric if you will :-)

You see, it all started when a good friend of mine and I got started talking about things we needed to add to our "to done" list. 
A "to do" list being something you can just stuff in a drawer and not look at while thinking, "that would be nice some day", a "to done" list requires actions you have already accomplished. 

My friend having recently been working on her pilots license decided that hang gliding might be a good thing to add to her "to done" list.

The decision for my husband and myself to come along too went something like this:

(Text via cell)
My Friend: Wan't to go hang gliding?

Me: Sure.

And so our adventure began!

For our flight we decided to put our life in the hands of FLY TEXAS
As you can probably tell by the fact that I am here typing this poorly written blog post today... we made the right decision.

Jeff, the man leading us in our flight was great! He was very professional and super cautious before each take off... he has also been flying for over 20 years! All good things to have in a flight instructor.

Being the brave person that I am (and also knowing that the longer I waited, the more prone I might be to actually think about what I was about to do and back out) I was the first to fly. Before our flight, Jeff went through the way the glider works, checked the radar, looked at the wind... and then threw in one more rule that I absolutely always had to follow, "never say awesome."

When you're soaring a few thousand feet above the horizon there are lots of words that might come to mind like, "stunning, breathtaking, divine, or OH CRAP!" but for some reason every time he took someone off the ground the first and sometimes only word people would use to describe their experience was "awesome"... 

Maybe its the fact that I'm a child of the 90s... or the fact that my inability to ever hit it big as an XGames competitor left me searching for other ways to show how I was soooo "in the loop" with the cool kids that could skate and do tricks and stuff (did I mention I was in Choir.), that when asked what I thought of the view as we reached our final altitude my first response was, "It looks... awesome."

Jeff was silent for a minute and then he just said, "really?".

My chest tightened as I tried to think of another word... but my mind just drew a blank.

Maybe it was the altitude seeping into my brain or maybe it was the fact that the view was just so beautiful that I couldn't think of the right word to describe it at the time, it doesn't matter...
As a thank you to Jeff for being such a cool guy and for taking us on such a fantastic ride, here is a list of words that I feel can really sum up the view as a fantastic alternative to "awesome":
  • awe-inspiring
  • breathtaking
  • beautiful
  • impressive
  • magnificent
  • majestic
  • mind-blowing
  • moving
  • stunning
  • wonderful
  • marvelous
  • unbelievable
  • tremendous
  • stupendous
  • prodigious
  • astounding
  • out-of-this-world
  • phenomenal
  • unreal
  • remarkable
  • beauteous
  • alluring
  • appealing
  • dazzling
  • delightful
  • exquisite
  • gorgeous
  • grand
  • handsome
  • ideal
  • lovely
  • nice
  • pleasing
  • pretty
  • sublime
  • superb
  • brilliant
  • commanding
  • groovy
  • elevated
  • imperial
  • stately
  • uber-cool 
  • extreme (I told you I'm a 90s Kid)
If any words are duplicated, I meant to do do that... for reals.

To any future gliders out there, feel free to use this as a source for your vocabulary list... you're welcome. You will totally sound impressive now.

That being said, here are our uber-cool, imperial, elevated, grand, dazzling, every word but awesome videos of our flight:

I think we're hooked... our next act for the "to done" list, skydiving.

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