Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baw-stuhn, Bos-tuhn, Bah-stun

Sometimes weekends are just too short...

DH had a business trip scheduled to Boston for this week. He had invited me to tag along however after looking at the price of tickets and my work schedule I decided that it would be best for me to stay behind.

Then, in a moment of online deal awesomeness, I found a ticket via US Airways for super cheap and jetted over for the weekend.

It was 20ish Fahrenheit outside with a windchill that made it even cooler and my time there was short, but the weekend was pretty fantastic just the same.

I was nowhere near being able to see everything that Boston has to offer but I still enjoyed my trip.
Hopefully I'll be able to make it back soon... and maybe when the weather is a little warmer as well.

On another fun note, Texas legend Kinky Freedman was in town kicking off his discomfort tour at Dosey Doe the Wednesday before we left.
He was absurd, eccentric, and entertaining all at once. 
I was hoping that perhaps we would announce another run for the title of Texas governor but alas, all he had to promote was his new Man in Black Tequila.
(image from Tales Of The Still)

Oh well, at least I got a good gift idea for DH :-p

Happy belated Heart Day everyone!

P.S. Google, you really made me smile yesterday!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Last weekend was amaaaazing !!!!!
After a night out of painting with a few college peeps...

You girls rock!

I was off to Dallas to hike up one of the tallest buildings in Texas yet again!
Image taken from the Big D Climb facebook page

January 28th was the day of the BIG D CLIMB this year and to add to the fun, my cousin and I were lucky enough to have an extra team member...yay!

My other half could't make it as he was at Immortal Kombat II with his Dad, but next year we are hoping to make it a four person (OR MORE) team.

Image taken from Immortal Kombat II website

Besides... climbing 52 flights of stairs yourself is much tougher than just sitting ringside at a boxing match... I think. 

Anyway, if I do say so myself, team Monstairs looked marvelous as we lugged ourselves up all 52 floors.

I didn't have my camera as I was too busy concentrating on not tripping and falling all the way back down, but luckily for us there were persons stationed around the event to take pictures for us. The following images were taken from the Big D Climbs picasa web album:

This last photo is mine, taken via the trusty old camera phone

I'm pretty proud of us! The only bummer was we totally forgot the costumes we were going to wear for team Monstairs. (oops...)
We have an even better team name/costume idea planned for next year, so I'm pretty over the being down about the costume thing.

Another reason I am so over the missing costumes is after we climbed to the top of Fountain Place we got to feed a giraffe.

Giraffes are for winners...